Aron Vuijsje Head of Sales,

“Danna started as a sales consultant to advise on how to effectively set up the sales team in (formerly dapulse). After a month of successful collaboration, we knew that Danna would be the right person to onboard and train all our new sales members. Danna created a training plan that was crucial for the quick onboarding of new sales employees. She has been with us growing the team from five salespeople to currently 12 salespeople and 2 SDRs. Danna is very pleasant to work with, motivated and goal oriented. The salespeople that Danna trained were able to “hit the ground running” and contributed significantly in their first months to the team’s quota.”

Chedva Kleinhandler, Founder,
“With Danna’s training, we were able to go from a team passionately working on an idea and a product, to actively getting to know our clients, listening to their needs and effectively selling to them”

Lior Magal, Director of International Sales & distribution,
“If you want to learn how to manage a sale cycle in a thorough and professional manner that brings results – you should definitely be working with Danna.
The approach, the language and of course the methodology – all become clear, and all that’s left is to.. sell!
Danna brings high energy, focus and fun throughout the whole process.
I strongly recommend Danna, thank you!”

Tomer Weinstein, Co-founder & CEO,
“Danna is an excellent mentor. She’s very attentive, professional and accommodating. She has a wealth of experience and the empathy
needed to understand and elegantly overcome client’s rejections. I highly recommend her for any team seeking guidance in sales, especially in the US market.”

Avital Yardeni, CEO,

“We’ve been working with Danna for the past few months on sales training and mentoring our team of young people with complex backgrounds.
Danna is a real pro. She mentors and guides our young team with a lot of patience, sensitivity, and experience. She teaches each person based on their individual learning style so that they can truly grow and find their own unique sales approach.
Danna is undoubtedly a top-notch salesperson, with an excellent methodology for sales training and passing on her knowledge.”

Ricardo Semeles, Sales Executive:
“Danna is passionate and dedicated to her work and customers, she will do everything she can to help others achieve success.
The first time I met Danna, I immediately felt a connection. She is serious, sharp and direct. Her ability to turn lots of info into something simple is really incredible.
With her amazing tips I was able to increase my sales performance by 30% in a matter of weeks!
Thanks Danna!”

Eti Nachum, Co-Founder,

“We have met Danna through the EISP 8200 program. She is guiding BlogsRelease’s communication with international brands.

Starting from building the right script, following up, cold calling and building our sales process, with a lot of listening and patience to every obstacle that comes along”

Yael, Customer Retention Manager:

“I had the honor to meet Danna about a year at an Olim event. Her job was to help us present ourselves in the Israeli job market and figure out where our strengths are. I was very impressed when Danna told us about her own career and how she started. Honestly I thought to myself I will never ever be able to do such great sales job she did.

A short time later I was in the situation to present myself for a sales job. Until that time a sales position was a nightmare for me in capital letters but I recalled what Danna had told me. To my big astonishment & shock at the same time I got that job. So therefore I contacted Danna to support me.

The most important lessons I learned from her are always being myself, even in my very own introverted way, not copy anybody, don’t push the customer, make her / him feel comfortable and that I am a trustworthy person, so s/he will build a business relationship with me.

Equipped with these ‘tools’ I started my career in sales and was soon promoted to retention, both with good success – to my own surprise.

I do know that working together with Danna did help me a lot to overcome my fears and find abilities I was not aware having them. I can highly recommend working with her!”

Nina Verzhbolovich, Account Manager:

“I’ve met Danna in Gvahim where she was volunteering, and happened to be leader of my training session. During a very limited time she gave me not only the necessary tools and tips on job search in Israel, but practiced my interview speech.

She is a highly professional coach and gives only useful, up-to-date and tailored to you advice.

I was also lucky to meet Danna on a private workshop “How to sell yourself on a job interview”. It was a very special experience, as I got practical advice on what works and what’s not for me personally, she practices my pitch over and over again and… it definitely worked! I’ve a got a job, the one that I was looking for, thanks to Danna!”