What you might not know about International Sales

“If you build it – will they come?”
Peter Thiel, Paypal Founder, in his Classic Book “Zero to One”

Sales is one of the 5 most in-demand professions in the world.  According to World Economic Forum – by 2020 sales will be one of the two most in-demand professions worldwide (!).

According to Peter Thiel, a legendary silicon valley founder and investor, the answer to the opening question is clear: “customers will not come just because you build it… You have to make that happen, and it’s harder than it looks.”

International Sales

If you’re looking for a career in Sales, or already work in sales for the domestic Israeli market, there are many reasons you should consider a career in international sales.

Sales Elements

Take a minute to think about your interactions with your friends as well as random people you meet. Have you ever noticed that these interactions contain many “sales elements”?:

The way we present ourselves or tell a story; the way we ask someone to help us; our determination and method to make something happen, to solve problems, and to get someone to trust us and open up to us.

If you feel these are your strong qualities, you might want to consider making them into your profession, and a generously rewarding one.

One of the reasons for lack of high-quality salespeople is the “bad reputation” this profession has gained. Sometimes, this reputation stems from a negative experience one had selling bad products, and sometimes we are left with bad taste simply as consumers when we are approached by unprofessional salespeople. The good news is that great salespeople are considered to be rare and they are “hunted” by many high-tech companies, companies with excellent products and generous salaries. Therefore, they have the luxury of being picky and can choose the company they prefer to work for, and not the other way around.

See the world through the customer’s eyes

Successful High Tech salespeople are intelligent and emotionally intelligent. Having a BA is a big advantage (and sometimes a requirement).  They learn to see the world through the customer’s eyes. Salespeople deal with potential customers’ objections. They must present their product in a sharp, clear and engaging manner that will drive action on the customer’s side. Great Salespeople know how to gain their customers’ trust. This is such an important quality to have, as it’s the foundation for every relationship.

How great is it to work in a job that pushes you to be the best version of yourself? A job where you get to meet so many new people and different businesses? You get to solve problems and to create meaningful connections. You learn how to see the value in anything you sell, and learn how to interact in a much smarter, smoother and effective way.

Sales is also a great career for people who wish for their salary to be as high as the effort and passion they invest in their jobs, and for people who wish to work with the global market from anywhere in the world.

In a world that’s walking towards automation in every aspect of our lives, there is still no replacement for human interactions and relationships. This is the reason sales is a profession that will be “future proof” as they need only arises, as people will always crave a human touch when spending their budgets.

Can sales skills be taught?

You may be asking yourself: can sales skills be taught? The answer is: absolutely.

We offer a High Tech Sales course. This course will provide you with all the tools you need in order to become a top salesperson in the High Tech industry.

Sounds interesting? Let us tell you more about the Fine Sales High Tech Sales course.

For further details about the sales course:

About the Writer


Danna Zakai has over 10 years of sales and management experience at Liveperson, CLicktale, yotpo and more.
Dana holds a BA and MBA degrees in Business Management from Ben-Gurion University.