My Philosophy

In today's fast paced and ever changing high-tech world, sales is the most satisfying profession you can have.

When you learn to transform conversations into connections, features into value, and leads into paying customers - your day becomes full of action and satisfaction.

Sales is my passion. I fell in love with sales almost immediately. Very quickly I understood that the traditional 'aggressive' approach to sales does not work for me. I sell in the way I want to be sold to. The sales tactics and programs I developed for myself quickly proved themselves as I excelled as the top sales person consistently.

As a person that sales runs through her veins, I see myself as a mentor, a guide and an inspiration for people who want to do business in the finest manner.

My vision is to teach as many people as possible how to sell and achieve excellent results, with integrity and passion.

My training and coaching programs are already enacted by several young and ambitious sales people and nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing them succeed and love sales as much as I do!

The action of sales happens in every second of our lives, through every interaction, with our friends, family and random people we run into.

Learning the art of sales will serve you in every aspect of your day to day life.

Danna Zakai

My 10 years direct and inside sales experience spanned overall several global B2B SaaS companies, including LivePerson, ClickTale and Yotpo. I hold a BA and MBA degrees in Business Management from Ben-Gurion University

Volunteer work
I also enjoy volunteering with various organisations to provide them training and coaching. My volunteer work includes training for 8200 EISP, Google Campus, Gvahim and TheRally